Plain is Good. Plain & Standard is Better. 

Plain and standardized packaging means all tobacco packs would include health warnings and look the same, reducing their appeal. 


Welcome to the "Plain and Simple Argument"
Advancing the proposed policy on tobacco packaging in Canada.
Plain packaging is good, but plain and standard is better.
JTI McDonald Corporation says it’s just an appetizer, but really it’s the meat and potatoes.

Our Government has made it a mandate to introduce plain packaging requirements for tobacco products, similar to those in Australia and the United Kingdom. In fact, Justin Trudeau included plain packaging in his election promises and listed it as a priority in his mandate letter to Minster of Health, Dr. Jane Philpott.

Our government cares about Canadian children and will do their part to help them live healthier lives with less exposure to known health risks. Ontario wants real change; 87% of adults support our governments’ commitment to plain packaging regulations.

It's Plain and Simple.


  • Plain Packs
  • Fighting Big Tobacco
  • No Evidence
  • Plain packs

    Plain packs have no brand graphics, logos or colours and are a standard shape and size.

  • Fighting Big Tobacco

    In 1892 the first brand of cigarettes were branded in a box with baseball cards. Big Tobacco knows what works and will fight hard to keep tobacco packs sleek & seductive.

  • No Evidence

    There is no credible evidence that plain and standardized packs will increase contraband and all reports showing an increase were commissioned by tobacco companies.¯\_(ツ)_/¯